First Dance in a Pandemic

Planning a wedding is hard enough. But planning a wedding during a pandemic!? That’s on a whole different level. Many are having smaller or even virtual weddings during these unprecedented times and traditional wedding elements can seem pointless, but we have lots of ideas about how you can still incorporate a stellar first dance, even if it may look a little different.

Because of restrictions in many states, the dance party of your dreams may not be a reality for the time being, but your first dance can still be a big part of your wedding! You have lots of options to prepare for the big moment, and you don’t even have to leave the house. Pre-recorded online dance tutorials or even live online classes or private lessons are all great options to prepare for your first dance while staying at home. Especially during this time when many of us are working and living in very tight quarters with our significant others, learning a new skill together can be a great way to combat any frustrations. Immersing yourselves in deepening your connection through movement won’t only lead to an amazing first dance, it will also strengthen your bond as a couple. Win-win!

Whether you’ve chosen to do a small in-person gathering or a virtual wedding, you can work with your choreographer and videographer to put together a beautiful video of your first dance that can be sent to and seen by all your guests. And they can have it as a momento to keep long after your big day is done!