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Greek bouzouki, greek folk dancing

Greek Dances and Zeibekiko

Are you looking for help with greek folk dances or zeibekiko?

Are you part of a greek wedding and you are worried for all the different dances that will be taking place? We are here to help! 

Kalli Siamidou moved to NYC from Thessaloniki, Greece in 2015.

She has been dancing greek folk dances throughout her life. Kalli has studied Greek Folk dances in the Physical Education and Sports Science (TEFAA) department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and she has also been teaching Hasapiko and Zeibekiko at Mispel Dance studios in Thessaloniki (2006-2015). 


Kalli is offering private lessons for greek dances of your choice. One on one or group privates.


Please reach out via email to consult with her further.

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