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Couple in love, getting married and making a dance pose.


Our mission at Wedding Dance Vows is to provide our clients with more than just wedding dance lessons, but a unique experience for couples to grow, learn together and fully enjoy their dance.

Kalli Siamidou, the wedding choreographer and dance instructor behind WDV is a professional dancer with experience in a range of different styles of dance. This allows her to enter the creative process for each dance with an open mind and to tailor the choreography and vision completely to your needs and dreams.

Here at Wedding Dance Vows, we believe that every love story is unique and we are ready to help you translate that into movement and share it with your loved ones. Are you ready to get up and move? Contact us today to learn more about our services.



starting from $2600

You want your first dance to be the highlight of your wedding day! You are ready to put time on creating the best dance of your life and really wow your guests! With this Wedding Dance Lesson Package you will get a chance to combine different songs and dance styles into a full dance experience for you and your audience!

  • Consultation

  • Music editing

  • Choreography tailored to you

  • 16 sessions

  • Coordination with other vendors (band, DJ, Videographers)

  • Dress Rehearsal

  • Wedding Choreographer for your wedding day 

Bride and groom doing an impresive dance lift.


starting from $1400

You want to have an elegant first dance on your favorite song and to dance stress free on your wedding day! With this Wedding Dance Lesson Package you will learn one dance style in depth and build all the skills you need to fully enjoy your first dance experience as a couple!

  • Consultation

  • Music editing (of one song)

  • Choreography 

  • 8 sessions

  • Dress rehearsal

bride and groom happy


starting from $450

Are you planning to propose and your friends and family are ready to jump in to make this unforgettable? Are you part of the wedding party and want to create something unique for the wedding day? Do you need help on your father-daughter or mother-son dance? Do you need the help of a Wedding Choreographer for your engagement or wedding photoshoot? Contact us to start planning!

wedding party

Couple Spotlight


If you are thinking on taking dancing lessons or having a choreography prepared by and with Kalli, think no longer. Meeting her and taking 8 dancing classes with her was one of the highlights of our wedding experience. We are very happy we found her, because really it made our wedding and the wedding preparations much more special, interesting and fun. Not only is she a professional dancing instructor and an outstanding choreographer. Of course that is what you expect of anyone you might hire to help you with your first dance at your wedding. She is much more than that. A couples therapist, a relationship builder, a support person and a friend.
She knows dancing and she knows what each of us can do and she can read into what each person in the couple likes more and feels more comfortable with, and her recommendations and choreography reflected this. Of course you might come into this thinking that you want and can do a La La Land type of performance, that will awe all of your guests. But unless you are already a pro, or unless you have tens or hundreds of hours to spare, you should lower your expectations. However, what you learn with Kalli is that even the most simple of the choreographies, when danced with love and amusement will have the same effect on your guests. And she was right! Our guests were so amazed by our performance! They could not believe we were able to do what we did with just 8 lessons of dancing. Tom, my husband did not want to do it, he thought it was a waste of time and money. But after the first lesson with Kalli he turned around and confessed that he really liked it. Mostly because Kalli made him feel very comfortable. Now I do not think he will take dancing lessons from anyone else but her.
After the wedding we both agreed that we would do it again, not because it made our celebration better or because of all the compliments we received . The learning was a process that helped us to get closer and we were the ones that really benefited from it. Even if we would have done it without a single guest, we would still do it again.
So, as I said, think no longer and talk to Kalli. Everything she said was correct. Trust her 100% and you will have a fabulous wedding dance experience, one that nor you nor your guests will ever forget.

Marivi & Tom

Wedding photo of bride and groom dancing. First dance lift

Kalli made our first dance dreams come true! 

That may sound corny, but it’s the truth!

Not only is Kalli an experienced and talented dancer in her own right, she gave us the confidence and tools to look and feel our best when performing in front of our wedding guests.

From the start, Kalli made us feel so comfortable with all dance steps and she truly cares about creating a unique dance that is perfectly tailored to the couple. She is more than happy to answer any and all questions, and we had our share! 

We were nervous about our ability to learn a choreographed dance in just a few short weeks, but Kalli took every worry away. 

We will always reflect on our first dance as one of our favorite moments of our wedding day.

Thank you again for everything!!

Kate & Matt


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