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Interview with Carla Fabiani, director of Chantal Music NYC

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Your wedding ceremony music is the soundtrack to your own romantic film. The right ceremony music will take all of the wonderful emotions you are feeling and multiply them by one hundred. Who can say no to that? If seeing the groom in happy tears as you step down the aisle or dancing your fairytale waltz for your first dance is how you imagine your wedding day, having live musicians is the way to go.

I am sure there are more questions that pop up so we sat down with Carla Fabiani, the director of Chantal Music NYC to ask all of the questions you’ve been wondering!

Keep reading to see our interview with Carla, where we get all of the details on the best music choices for your wedding day!

WDV: Hello Carla and thank you so much for joining us to answer a few of the questions couples sent us!

Carla: Hi Kalli! I really love your description of how the music chosen for a wedding is like the soundtrack to a romantic film score; I think you’re exactly right! Before the vows even happen, or the cake is cut, the music is the first thing a bride and groom’s guests will hear to begin the wedding celebration. A couple definitely needs to choose their all-time favorite songs as it will create a unique mood and set the tone for their entire ceremony, through to the cocktail hour and reception.

WDV: What options of music groups are there?

Carla: The groups we’ve created for Chantal Music play a variety of music styles as well as offer flexible sizes of groups for each wedding. We have duos that pair Guitar and Saxophone, Voice and Organ or Violin and Harp. Our String Trios and String Quartets can rock out to fast- paced beats or play slower, more romantic music scores. You can change up any group by adding acoustic guitar, trumpet, flute and drums.

WDV: Some couples mentioned that they are not fans of classical music. Can live musicians play different styles and the couples' choice of songs?

Carla: The song requests from couples today are anything but the classical scores from earlier times. The Chantal Music song list was created specifically to answer this need and offers the most current variety of pop, rock, jazz, vintage, retro and contemporary song arrangements. We still offer the well-loved classical repertoire choices as some couples request a little hint of something traditional.

WDV: What parts of the wedding ceremony should have a song?


  • the Entrance of the Parents,

  • the Bridesmaid Entrances,

  • the Bride’s entrance

  • and the Recessional for the couple at the ceremony’s end.

​WDV: What kind of music is best for the entrance of the bride?

Carla: You should choose your favorite song! Just be sure you can walk to the music at a moderate pace that feels comfortable and makes you feel great!

WDV: Can all of Chantal’s groups play everything from its song list?

Carla: We sure can! With Jazz tunes we recommend choosing our versatile Jazz Trio for the most authentic sound.

You can read the full list here and choose songs from all different categories like Contemporary Ballads, Contemporary Rock & Pop, Music from the 2000’s, Classic Love Songs, Motown and R&B Favorites, 80’s and 90’s songs, Vintage Favorites, Cinema Themes, Classical Music, Broadway Show Tunes, Beatles, Traditional Jewish Songs, Jazz Standards, Jazz Ballads and Swing!

WDV: Thank you Carla for joining us again! I am sure couples got a lot of great information today!

Carla: It is always a pleasure chatting with you!

With over 20 years of professional experience, the ensembles of Chantal Music offer an extensive range of musical styles and repertoire. Carla and Shelagh work individually with each client to help create a perfect and unique setting, customizing songs and themes for any event. Dynamic arrangements from Jazz, Rock, and Pop to Classical favorites and sweeping Cinematic scores are performed by conservatory trained musicians from New York’s most famous Broadway stages and the Radio City Music Hall. We couldn't recommend their work more!

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