Interview with Carla Fabiani, director of Chantal Music NYC

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Your wedding ceremony music is the soundtrack to your own romantic film. The right ceremony music will take all of the wonderful emotions you are feeling and multiply them by one hundred. Who can say no to that? If seeing the groom in happy tears as you step down the aisle or dancing your fairytale waltz for your first dance is how you imagine your wedding day, having live musicians is the way to go.

I am sure there are more questions that pop up so we sat down with Carla Fabiani, the director of Chantal Music NYC to ask all of the questions you’ve been wondering!

Keep reading to see our interview with Carla, where we get all of the details on the best music choices for your wedding day!

WDV: Hello Carla and thank you so much for joining us to answer a few of the questions couples sent us!

Carla: Hi Kalli! I r