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Interview with Katherine Budny of Katherine Budny Photography

Katherine Budny started her photography business in 2010, when she realized photographing people is what she loved doing most! Starting off with photographing school events and sweet 16's, she soon later made a name for herself as a "photographer," and grew a network of clients. Today, Katherine is based out of New York with a small team of five, and still travels all over the globe for her clients; places including Aruba, France, Italy, the Virgin Islands, and more! You may find her work featured on, WeddingWire, and Kate Aspen.

Hi Katherine!

So excited we have the chance to pick your brain. Photographers are at the top of every couple’s vendor priority list, and we are so happy to have you!

What’s your favorite part about photographing couples?

My absolute favorite part of photographing couples is seeing the ways the couple interact with one another. Throughout the shoot, I love to learn about the couple’s history and the story of how they met. This always is a fun and special moment for me to capture their connection! When they share about their significant other during the shoot, something about this gets the couple to light up!

If you have a shy couple, how do you help them to open up so you can photograph their “true colors”?

To get a couple comfortable in front of the camera before the shoot, I like to connect with them beforehand. I like to ask the couple questions about their favorite thing about one another, something silly that they love about each other, or even something they’re passionate about or interested in. Once they open up and communicate about the things they love about their partner and what they are passionate about, everything else falls into place during the shoot.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a couple about to do their engagement shoot or have their wedding photos taken?

My advice for a couple during an engagement/wedding shoot is for them to pretend as if I’m not there and for them to be totally in the moment with one another. When a couple is in the moment with one another, it allows me to capture the real, raw, and timeless moments with an intentional focus on human connection.

What kind of style of wedding photography would you categorize yourself in? And what does your ideal client look like?

The category of wedding photography my business would fall under would be fine art and photojournalistic. Since the personality of my brand is romantic and timeless, photojournalistic and raw, I love to focus on capturing the candid moments and natural lighting. My ideal clientele would be couples and individuals who value experiences and quality over quantity, put an emphasis on intentional relationships, and want a photographer that they can put their full trust in.

Contact Katherine:

Instagram - @katherinebudnyphotos

Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin - Katherine Budny Photography

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