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When Should I Reach Out to My Wedding Choreographer?

Easiest answer? The sooner, the better. Reaching out to your wedding choreographer early will give you the best chance to make your first dance everything you’ve dreamed of. When there’s less time, compromises tend to creep in, and who wants compromise when it comes to your dreams?! We want to have plenty of time with you to make your first dance a moment to remember forever.

Photo by Thomas Savopoulos.

Working on your first dance is very different from any other element of your wedding. You want the perfect wedding cake? You go out, taste a bunch of cakes, find the cake of your dreams, place your order and *boom* the cake of your dreams arrives on your wedding day. Your first dance, unfortunately, isn’t so simple. Your first dance is something that you create together with your partner. It takes time and effort and is a product of your own bodies- a very unique and rewarding experience and it can turn into a hobby that you share with your partner for the rest of your lives together! Dance is something you and your partner can always go back to, even after your first dance is over. It’s a way to connect with each other and escape the heaviness of day-to-day life. All you need is each other to recreate the magic of your first dance!

A ballpark estimate for when you should start working on your first dance is 5-6 months before your wedding date. If you’re going to take classes on your own, you may want to start even earlier than that, especially if you feel like you have two left feet. If you’re going to work with a choreographer, 6 months leaves enough time to create a timeline for your sessions based on your needs and also enough time for you to practice! Your lessons should lead right up to the week before your wedding, so everything will be fresh and easy and your confidence will be at a high point on your big day.

Gabrielle and Sean's Epic First Dance!

In our free consultation meeting we will talk through a unique timeline for you and your partner, what you want from your first dance, if you have chosen a song, your relationship to dance and, of course, any other questions that may pop up for you or your partner! We can’t wait to get started. See you on the dance floor!

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