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The Best Wedding Dance Videos

It may seem a little strange to sit down for an evening of watching other couples’ wedding dance videos, but it may be more helpful than you think. It can help give you and your partner ideas for what you do and don’t want for your own special moment and it can help expose you to different styles of dance you didn’t even know you might like! Watching other couples perform their first dance can really help jumpstart your imagination if you’re drawing a blank on what you want your own wedding dance to be like. Watching wedding dance videos can also be a powerful tool to help you communicate what you want to your wedding dance teacher/choreographer. We’ve gathered some of our favorite videos to give you a place to start!

This couple really knows how to shine. Their technique is very high level, and it’s clear they spent time honing their skills for the dance floor. They incorporate the element of surprise and use many different crowd pleasing styles of dance and movie references. They even switch who is leading and who is following multiple times which adds another layer of enjoyment for the audience. We loved their props and song choices, too! One of our absolute favorites.

This one hits close to our hearts! This is a choreography that was made for Gabrielle and Sean by Kalli Siamidou, the owner of Wedding Dance Vows. This couple wanted an epic dance for their wedding and they got to have it and nailed it! We love the music choices that were made by the couple and all the different styles of dance used throughout. Lifts and tricks gave that extra dynamic in their performance!

The couple is IN it. They’re having a blast and very connected to each other. As you watch, think about how it’s making you feel to watch them. You’re having fun right along with them! Being present and enjoying the moment is just as important for the romantic slow songs as it is the crowd pleasing funny moments. Great performance.

Such a FUN dance with this groom and his groomsmen! You can see they are all fully in it and the bride is having a great time watching. Awesome song choices to get the audience warmed up and ready to get out on the dance floor. Makes you want to dance just watching them, doesn’t it?

The build up is killer on this one. Right when you think it’s going to be a short and sweet traditional first dance, they start building the energy and just keep going! From romantic Ed Sheeran to classic Beat It and even The Macarena...there’s something for everyone to relate to. And after all that they end with a very impressive lift! Standing ovation from us.

And there you have it! A couple of our favorite wedding dance videos to get you started. Now go find your own favorites and get going creating your own magic moment. Who knows, your wedding dance video may end up on the next list of favorites...

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