Favorite Wedding Songs to Get the Party Started!

Want to know the best wedding dance songs? Here are our favorites from more recent decades to get your wedding guests up and dancing with you!

First up is Raise Your Glass by P!nk. Everyone will be toasting the happy couple, especially after you’ve finished your first dance. This song will get everyone up and dancing as they raise their glasses!

No wedding is complete without hearing Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. A throwback to days gone by, this one will get guests of all ages up on your wedding dance floor strutting their funky stuff.

Hey Ya! by OutKast is the perfect sing-a-long for your wedding dance party, even if you weren’t in high school in 2003. Even grandma will be shakin’ it like a polaroid picture before the night is done... 

Queen Bey is a MUST at every wedding. Our favorite for any wedding dance party is Crazy in Love. (Also makes for a great flash mob by the wedding party!) 

While we’re on love songs, let’s take it back a little bit with As Long As You Love Me by Backstreet Boys. 

Another good one from the 90’s to light up your wedding dance floor is Wannabe by the Spice Girls. All your guests will be singing along (even if they don’t exactly know what the words are…).

Let’s stick with the 90’s theme and tell you our top wedding song picks from the iconic 90’s queens-