How Do I Make My First Dance A Little Less...Traditional?

You’ve been to a million weddings. You’ve seen so many dresses that look the many first dances that look the same. You’ve vowed to yourself that your wedding will be different. You have the most amazing edgy wedding dress, your decor and catering is all set to blow your guests’ minds, but what do you do about your first dance?! How can you make your first dance more you and less...the same as everyone else…? We’re here to help.


Wedding dance lessons unique choreography

Our first suggestion whenever we hear a client is hoping for a first dance that’s a little more unique is a mash up. Most couples have in their minds that they need to dance to a single song, and this is exactly why a mix of songs and dance styles is the perfect way to personalize your first dance and give your guests a show they weren’t expecting! You can start off with a traditional slow song and a romantic moment and then surprise your guests by switching it to Michael Jackson, a favorite song from a movie or musical, dancehall, hip hop, belly dance or anything you love. Some couples even choose to practice some lifts and drops to add more wow moments to their first dance. You can work with your instructor to make your first dance whatever you want it to be, and a mashup of songs may be the perfect backdrop for all your craziest ideas.

Recruit Your Wedding Party!

bridesmaids, groomsmen around couple, dance party

Some couples want to share the love and include those who are closest to them in their special moment. If you’d like to include your wedding party, it’s nice to start with a more traditional slow song so you can have a moment with just the two of you and then switch to a more upbeat song when it’s time for everyone to join in on the fun. Including more people in your dance will raise the energy level in the room and it can be an unforgettable experience for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you’re choosing to go this route, dance lessons can really help get everyone on the same pag