How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dance Shoes

You can’t wait to dance the night away at your wedding, right? We want that for you, too. And, trust us, the biggest thing that will stop you from doing that is your feet and what you have on them. We all know how quickly shoes that are uncomfortable or even painful can kill the dancing mood. So, here are our tips and tricks to make sure you choose the perfect pair. We’ve also included some of our favorite shoes that are cute, comfortable, and will keep you on your wedding dance floor all night!

First of all, we all know we don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. When choosing your wedding dance shoes keep in mind that you may want to (or have to) change shoes throughout the night. If you’d like to start in the beautiful pair of heels you wore for your ceremony but there’s just no way you can dance in them, switch them out! Keep your dance shoes under your dinner table and throw them on quickly before you go out to dance. By the time the dancing starts, no one will be looking at your feet anyway.

Flats or sneakers are always a great option for dancing if your dress length can accommodate it. Pick your favorite cute, comfortable sneakers and see if they come in white! Lots of companies are making leather brogue inspired shoes for women which are often great for dancing. This favorite is a pretty pink color: we love a pop of color under the traditional white wedding dress.

And here are a couple of our favorite sneakers for dancing.

White Superga | TOMS | Kate Spade