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What If I Step on My Dress?!

You found the PERFECT wedding dress. It makes you feel like you’re the most fabulous person in the whole entire world, and then you try to dance in it...just to double check. And you step on it. Visions of wardrobe malfunctions go flashing through your head. How will you ever manage to do your amazing wedding dance choreography if you’re already stepping on your dream dress in the fitting room? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite ideas to solve your dress dilemmas and make your day (and dance) stress free!

Make sure you tell your instructor what your dress looks like. Believe it or not, the shape and style of your dress is important for your first dance. Your dress is your costume. It’s perfect, and it’s not changing. If you can find a similar skirt to practice in, bring it to your rehearsals and make sure you wear it while you’re practicing at home, too. Both you and your partner need to feel comfortable dancing with your dress. It has its own important part to play!

Let’s talk bustle. If you’re wearing a dress with a long train to your ceremony and you’re planning to keep the same dress for the reception (and your first dance), make sure you figure out the bustle ahead of time so you’re not hustling on your wedding day! As much as you don’t want your partner to see you in your dress before the big day, it’s important to practice your moves in your dress the way it’s going to be for your first dance, so try to replicate your choreography as best you can for a “dress rehearsal” beforehand. Do this with plenty of time to spare, so you can have any necessary alterations taken care of before it’s go time.

Have you thought about a costume change? Maybe the best course of action is to wear a different dress altogether! If your perfect wedding dress just isn’t cutting it as the perfect first dance dress, don’t force it. You can have your cake and eat it, too. Be on the lookout for potential dance dresses in a shape you like that would work well with your choreography. When it’s time for the big moment, your wedding planner or maid of honor can help you slip off to make the switch so both you and your dress are dance-ready. Once you’re done laying it all on the dance floor, you can always switch back to your original dress for the rest of the night or stay as you are so you can finish dancing the night away!

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