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Some Things You May Have Forgotten on Your Wedding Dance To-Do List…

You’re planning a wedding. You have so many things to think of. We totally get it. So we’ve put together a list of a few things our clients often forget to think of when it comes to planning their first dance…

The space and floor

How much space will you have for the dance floor? Is the floor even? (This is a big one for outdoor weddings...) Where will your audience be? Your wedding planner or contact at your venue should be able to help you answer these questions. Make sure you know what to expect on your wedding day so there are no first dance surprises!

Your music

Do you have a DJ? Are you playing music from a device? Make sure whoever is playing your music has the correct version of your first dance song. If your dance instructor cut your song or created a mashup for you, they can get you the final version. Make sure you communicate with whoever is playing your music that you need them to press play when you’re in your starting positions NOT fade the song in. (This one seems obvious, but, trust us, it’s not!) If you’ll be dancing to live music, do your best to practice with your musician(s) or at least get a recording from them, so you can practice your dance with the music the way it will be on your big day.

Your shoes

Make sure both you and your partner rehearse your choreography in your ACTUAL wedding shoes. We’ve all had those shoes that feel great when you try them on and then 10 minutes into wearing them you realize you can’t walk. You definitely don’t want to find that out halfway through your first dance. So, make sure you practice with the real deal so there are no surprises. (Check our our post on finding the perfect wedding shoes here!)

Your dress!

The same goes for your dress! You most likely won’t be wearing your actual dress before the big day, so do your best to rehearse in a skirt or dress that has a similar shape and length. That way you’ll know beforehand if anything needs to be adjusted. (We did a post on this which you can read here.)

The more prepared you are, the better your first dance will be. We’ve tried to help you think of everything so you’re ready for anything. Making sure you’ve gone through this checklist will help your first dance be stress free so you can enjoy every moment!

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